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About Us

hndProfessional and personal life imbalance is the deterrent for a healthy being and people experience a striking imbalance. To achieve a balance between the two, by providing a one stop solution for transportation needs, Smart Bus made a humble beginning in 2010 with the sole intention of providing a safe, reliable, comfortable and flexible transport service. We are proud to say that we could achieve this balance. The magnitude of the guests that we serve is an indication of our success in our journey. With 5 guests on board in 2010, we now cater to as many as 2000 guests. We continue to grow as a successful company because we take the time to find out what our guests’ needs, desires and preferences are. We listen carefully and then suggest a plan that closely matches what they are hoping and dreaming their trip will be.


To be the Singapore’s most customer centric company which provides the BEST transport service across the city.

Smart Bus is being driven by a focused set of Objectives as follows:

  • Innovation: Utilizing technology to create innovative solutions that support the changing needs
    of our customers
  • Safety: Ensuring that passengers are always safe and its bus drivers are the best trained.
  • Reliability: Providing a reliable, punctual service and adopting a Just in Time kind of approach
  • Environmental Consciousness: Ensuring that its buses do not pollute the environment and
    further curb the usage of personalised vehicles in the city.
  • Customer-Focused: Ensuring that buses are clean and comfortable and that its crew are trained in
    customer services.
  • Customized Solutions: Cater to needs of the customers based on their usage by adopting daily &
    monthly payment system.

Smart bus is a Tech Savvy company which always tries to embed the latest technologies in its system. Smart
Bus adopts the techniques of intelligent transportation systems using various communication technologies and devices and
has the latest platforms on its information and flexible payment systems. While smart bus strives
its best to have least human interference in assisting our guests with dedicated customer support Smart Bus
is there for you, whenever and wherever in the city of Singapore.