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PREMIUM 743 – New additional service between Tampines St 71 & Changi Business Park at 6:30PM
PREMIUM 748 – New additional services between Marine Parade / Bayshore & Changi Business Park at 8AM, 8:45AM & 6:30PM
PREMIUM 745 – New additional service between Tampines Ave 7 & Changi Business Park at 10:00AM
**Please call 93361714 or email to customerservice@smartbus.com.sg for more information **


Smart bus is a Tech Savvy company which always tries to embed the latest technologies in its system. We at Smart Bus adopts the techniques of intelligent transportation systems using various communication technologies and devices and has the latest platforms on its information and flexible payment systems.

Premium 743 – New service at 6:30PM

Premium 744 – New services at 8:10AM, 8:40AM, 5:45PM, 6:20PM, 6:40PM

Premium 745 – New service at 10AM


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We operate daily transport to the work force of Singapore which comprises of Premium and monthly chartered services.

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